About Dr. J.P. Ramnani

I am a Yoga & Meditation Expert

Here is a brief introduction about me 

I am Dr. J.P.Ramnani, professionally I am a Dermatologist. But my passion for Yoga made me a Yoga Teacher. It was 2004, when I was suffering from Backache & I enrolled with Bhartiya Yog Vidya Dhaam in Nashik, for Yog Pravesh Course, under the guidance of Shri Chauvan sir. And the course gave me a whole new perspective about Yoga.

Slowly I started to grow interest in Yoga & did many other courses under Shri Vishwa Vasant Mandlik. Eventually, within few years, I ended up becoming a Yoga Teacher Myself & started teaching Yoga to hundreds of students!

How ZenYoga came into my life?

2 Years ago, nature showed me a dream when the book of zen yoga in English came into my life.The Zenyoga Book was written in English by Dr. P.J. Saherji. The book gave me a whole new perspective about the meaning of life.
And I thought that everyone should learn the secrets of this book. But soon I found that there was no Hindi version of the book available, because of which many people can't gain the knowledge of this book!
And since then, there has been no turning back & I went on a mission to translate the book into Hindi, so that it is available to everyone.
I started to translate the part 1 of Zen Yoga from 17 December 2018 and completed it in February 2020. And I translated the second part of the book within 26 days from 25 March 2020 till 19 April 2020, Then I went on to publish the Hindi version of ZenYoga named 'Ashtang Yog' on the eve of Dussera i.e. on 25th October 2020.

About Zenyoga Ashram & Course

After launcing my book, I went on and started a ZenYoga Ashram named "Dr. Saherji's International Zenyoga I.E.S.M Foundation, Badlapur" on 20th December 2020.
At the Inaugration of the Ashram, the announcement of 'World's First-Ever Residential ZenYoga Prathmic Course' was made. The dates were from 16th January 2021 to 24th January 2021. Part one of the Zen Yoga book was given the form of an eight-day course & the part 2 of the Zenyoga book was being explained by conducting a lecture. The lectures were conducted by myself.
Apart from this, the Yoga Asans given in the book were also practised. On successful completion of the first zen yoga batch, Samaapan Samaroh was practised
Now the course has been converted from ZenYoga Prathmic Course to ZenYoga Prathmic Crash Course, which is of 2 days and is highly persuade by many people


Happy Faces of Happy Students

In the Zen Yoga Prathmic Course, we don’t just focus on making your life better/providing value for money, but we focus on completely transforming your life in a positive way!