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Learn the physical and mental activities practiced within the tradition of Zen Buddhism, which includes yoga postures, repetitive movements, flowing sequences & boost your mental as well as Physical fitness!

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Manju Acharya

The Education I got here is so interesting & Practical that no one can be the same after doing the course & the activities are so practical that I do it Sub-Consciously in my day-to-day activities!

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Dr. J.P.Ramnani

Dermatologist by profession, A Yoga teacher & author by Passion Dr. Ramnani, with an aim of educating people with Precious knowledge of ZenYoga translated the ZenYoga Book into Hindi so that everyone can gain the precious knowledge that it contains & implement it in their life!
Keeping this aim in mind he went on to construct a separate Ashram of ZenYoga so that the knowledge of ZenYoga can spread in the entire environment, And further announced the World's First-Ever Residential ZenYoga Prathmic Course!

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Morning Swawdhyay : For Every Age Group!

Morning Swawdhyay : Attention Tension Relaxation!

Morning Swawdhyay : Refining Breathing!

Measures to Control your Anger & Irritation!

Measures to ovrcome Fear!

11 ZenYoga Mahavakya by Dr. J.P. Ramnani

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In the Zen Yoga Prathmic Course, we don’t just focus on making your life better/providing value for money, but we focus on completely transforming your life in a positive way!